We Real Cool Analysis

In the poem, We Real Cool, by Gwendolyn Brooks, is a poem describing African Americans. Gwendolyn Brooks doesn’t exactly mean African Americans are “cool.” She makes it sound like the people are calm and they let things go, they won’t things get into their way.

The poem is put into many stanzas. In the stanzas there is many alliterations and rhymes. These poectic devices help the writing be more playful and fun. Behind those poetice devices, the poem has a secret meaning. The meaning might help us understand more about the poem.

The poem means the African Americans have to break out of their shells and have some fun. They try not to care what would to them by saying,     ” We real cool.”  They left school and decided to lurk late. “Lurk late,” is a alliteration and it means they would go out and have some fun. “We strike straight,” they go for what they want and they want freedom. By getting freedom they, “sing sin.” Another alliteration telling us that they are singing bad stuff that happened to them. They don’t want the things to happen again. “We thin gin,” they are deciding to break the rules and have a but of freedom by drinking alcohol. They make music, “we Jazz June.” They make music for fun and for freedom.

The African Amercans don’t know what would happen to them if they do all that stuff. Gwendolyn says that they would, “die soon.” The Americans don’t want them to have freedom. The African Americans would die if they try to get freedom.


5 responses to “We Real Cool Analysis

  1. The separation of ‘We’ from the rest of the clause emphasizes the racial segregation of the African Americans; they are not equally incorporated in the society; they are an isolated and secluded community, not the part of the mainstream American society.

  2. As an African American I would suggest that you improve your literacy before you analyze ANY poem. Also for you enlightenment the poem was about 7 African American males she saw in a pool hall after leaving school . And you should really consider editing this or taking it down because its comes off a tad racist , with you saying ” the African Americans ” so many times , then you say how “Americans” don’t want us to have freedom and to me you are insinuating that we aren’t Americans like the whites you are referring to. In my case I was born and raised in good old American just like my fellow white brethren.

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